Welcome to WLSMATCH.COM. The first social networking site for people that have had weight loss surgery.   This site is a unique way for you to share your weight loss journey with the world.  Start by creating a profile page that details your entire weight loss journey from the beginning with pictures of every milestone.  You’ll then be able to add profile updates and change pictures whenever you want.  You can easily search for that special someone that truly understands the journey you have started.  For inspiration, you can read the many profiles that are updated each day.  You’re sure to make many friends along the way. Let WLSMATCH.COM help you share your weight loss journey with someone new!

Terms of Use

1)    This site is intended to allow weight loss surgery patients to share their weight loss journey with the world.  As with any social networking site please use discretion when disclosing any personal information or interacting with other members on or off the site

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9)    Terms of use are subject to change